How To Put A Stop To Excessive Blushing

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There is no simple method to stop issue blushing. There is no magic tablet that will put an end to issue blushing. You can not end problem blushing by composing “I will not blush” a hundred times on a piece of paper.

The problem of excessive blushing is a complicated one, but you can beat it by focusing on specific elements of your life that add to issues with excessive blushing. Have you ever discovered that the more you think of not blushing, the more you are likely to blush? This reality really is the key to putting a stop to problem blushing at last.

The single essential thing you can do to put an end to issue blushing is to stop resisting blushing. The more you fight blushing, the more you are going to blush. The more you tell yourself that you aren’t getting embarrassed, the more likely you are going to be to experience shame. And exactly what does embarrassment cause for problem blushers? More blushing, of course.

When you participate in mental arguments with yourself to combat off a behaviour or a response, completion outcome is typically an intensification of the very behaviour or reaction you were attempting to prevent in the first place. It is very discouraging to lose an argument with yourself, however that is in truth is exactly what takes place.

When you are telling yourself not to blush when faced with an embarrassing situation, and you feel a blush begin to creep up your neck and face, you blow up and aggravated. As you wonder why you can’t regulate your responses and feelings, the blush simply worsens. It is like your body is reminding you that your mind is not in control of your physiological response.

No matter what measures you take to minimize your issues with extreme blushing, you will never be successful up until you stop withstanding blushing. This, naturally, is simpler stated than done.

After a lifetime of trying unsuccessfully to ward off blush after blush after blush, it is hard to retrain yourself to simply unwind and let yourself blush. It will certainly be extremely hard at first, but with determination, you will certainly experience the rewards of less difficulty with blushing.

This isn’t just my concept about why withstanding feelings and reactions commonly makes them worse. Internationally renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung, who is credited with founding analytical psychology specified years earlier, “what you resits persists”. I applied Jung’s theory to my own life and saw it make an extensive difference in my difficulties with issue blushing.

The more you resist an emotional or physiological response, the more prevalent it will become. The day that you choose to give up battling blushes is the day that you will certainly begin to win the battle versus excessive blushing.

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