What Does Blushing Have To Do With Anorexia?

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Have you ever seen a picture of somebody who has had anorexia for a long time? The image normally reflects someone who is actually simply skin and bones, yet continues to starve him or herself. To someone who has never had anorexia, it is difficult to look at such an image and comprehend how the person who is in the picture searches in the mirror and sees a fat individual who still needs to reduce weight.

Without comprehending the psychological elements of anorexia, it is impossible for someone who sees themselves accurately to comprehend how distorted the body image of an anorexic is. Due to the fact that a major part of anorexia is a compulsive and frustrating fear of being obese, those with the illness develop a distorted body image. They really do not see their bodies the method they actually are. If you tell an anorexic person that he or she is too thin, the person will think you are lying to them.

Someone with issue blushing behaviour is not most likely to immediately see the connection between issue blushing and anorexia, but there is an essential similarity between the two conditions. Issue blushing behaviour has mental ties too. Due to the fact that people who have problem blushing have the tendency to be extremely sensitive to the viewpoints of other people, whenever they feel that they are being evaluated, they start to blush even more.

If you experience problem blushing, you know the frustrating feeling of shame that sweeps over you when you feel a blush beginning to approach your neck and over your face. However, here is a question to ask yourself. Do you understand how your blush wants to somebody else? Do you think you resemble a sunburned crab to the other person? Or, is it possible that your blushing really isn’t as bad as you believe it is?

Before you answer that question, remind yourself that an 80 pound anorexic female honestly believes that she is fat. She looks in the mirror and sees an obese individual. She thinks that when you take a look at her, blushing or not, that you see someone who is morbidly overweight.

How do you understand how you aim to other individuals? When my sweetheart found out that in my audio book, Blushing Free, I comment that my blushing problem reached an all-time high when I initially met her, she was shocked. She never even noticed what I thought were the worst episodes of excessive blushing I experienced in my life.

Much like anorexics have an extreme fear of being obese that misshapes their body image, problem blushers have an excessive fear of blushing that distorts their understanding of exactly what blushing does to their look. I’m not saying that issue blushers don’t blush too often. As a former problem blusher myself, I know that issue blushing is real. What I am saying is that as a problem blusher, your understanding of exactly what problem does to your look is even worse than the fact.

As an issue blusher, a terrific first step toward getting over your problem is to recognize that part of your issue is tied to your worry of blushing. I’m not stating that you are making it up, but I am saying that it is partially in your mind. When you recognize that your blushing problem isn’t as bad as you think, and that other individuals are likely to not discover or not care about it, you’ll be a bit better to putting the problem of excessive blushing behind you once and for all.

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