Why Do Some People Suffer From Excessive Blushing?

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For many people, blushing is a normal reaction to being embarrassed. However, for individuals who have a problem with excessive blushing, embarrassment is far from the only trigger for blushing. For issue blushers, blushing takes place regularly and in response to all types of circumstances and occasions.

Individuals who blush excessively appear to blush arbitrarily, without any noticeable triggering occasion. However, blushing is always a physical response to some type of mental trigger. It can be triggered by shame, being in the spotlight, being concerned about perceptions of other people, and even by simply being afraid of blushing. People who blush exceedingly have the tendency to be hypersensitive to being evaluated by other individuals, and so often blush whenever they feel that other individuals are seeing or thinking about them.

Problem blushers become even more self conscious as a result of their excessive blushing, therefore often develop a fear associated with blushing. Unfortunately, being afraid of blushing often becomes a self fulfilling prophecy for problem blushers that exacerbates the problem.

When problem blushers become aware that they have tendency to blush more often than other people, their very first reaction is commonly to try to manage their blushing. They become focused on trying to manage blushing, and hence concerned cope with a consistent fear of blushing. Such a reaction results in efforts to withstand blushing, which are often useless and disadvantageous.

The more a problem blusher attempts not to blush, the more probable the person is to blush. The act of psychologically focusing on blushing, or attempting to avoid blushing, can be a mental trigger that prompts a physiological blushing reaction. When blushing is on a person’s mind all of the time, blushing is likely to occur with a higher frequency and strength. Therefore, the more an individual attempts to ward off blushing, the more issues the person is most likely to experience with blushing.

The worry of blushing can be a tormenting experience for someone people who blush exceedingly. Excessive blushing that can not manage is both difficult and aggravating, and can result in significant self esteem and social problems. Problem blushing and the fear connected with it can even result in depression if it continues unattended.

Among the best methods to lower issue blushing is to stop fighting it so much. There are numerous useful suggestions and recommendations that can assist problem blushers learn how to release the fear that intensifies their problem blushing habits.

One exceptional resource is Blushing Free, a downloadable audio book by author Gary Ambrosh. To promptly begin discovering ways to reduce problem blushing, check out BlushingFree.com. Your quality of life will certainly be considerably enhanced when you learn to manage the problem blushing that triggers unnecessary social stress and stress and anxiety in your life.

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