Ifyou messaged me today after I published a terribly lit picture of a remarkably yummy stir fry on Instagram, this is 100% for you! It’s the type of stir fry I gather frequently, a catch-all of things requiring to be consumed. You’ve got smooth rice noodles, brilliant and crispy broccoli, toasted cashews, quick-marinated collapsed tofu, and pan-seared onions tossed in a spirited chile-boosted soy sauce. I included mushrooms the 2nd time I made it (for these images), however you do not haveto I utilized broccoli, however you can utilize asparagus, shredded brussels sprouts or kale. I’ll talk more about that down below. I absolutely tend to do that thing you’re not expected to do here – overload the pan- however it’s the type of one-pan meal I enjoy. Enjoy!

A Fave Rice Noodle Stir Fry Recipe

A couple things prior to we get to the dish. If you make a great deal of stir french fries, think about buying a wok. The cast iron wok I purchased with Grace Young from The Wok Shop in San Francisco years back is among my treasured cooking vessels (this is the one). It’s the kind Cantonese house cooks swear by to impart the desired taste of wok hay. I’m not stating I’m there yet, however I strive. And if you do not have a wok, do not let it prevent you – get your biggest frying pan and utilize it for your stir fry.
A Fave Rice Noodle Stir Fry with Whatever Green Veg you Have on Hand

AFew Stir Fry Variations

I’ll put the majority of this in headnotes of the dish too.

GreenVegetables: I’m composing this dish up utilizing broccoli as the green veggie here, however you have lots of other alternatives. Use a comparable quantity of asparagus (1 1/2- inch sections), or 4-5 huge handfuls of, sliced kale, pre-cooked artichoke hearts are level playing field, or peas, (or pea shoots!). You see where I’m heading? This is all truly versatile based upon what you have on hand.

Make it a Little Creamy: A splash of coconut milk towards completion is great.

Citrus is Good: One of my favorite complements here is to toss something citrusy in at the end. I have a makrut lime tree on the patio area, so I frequently sliver a couple leaves razor thin and include them at the end. Lemon enthusiasm, Meyer lemon enthusiasm, and/or orange enthusiasm is similarly welcome here. Totally not essential, however it truly is a great touch.

A Fave Rice Noodle Stir Fry Recipe

Boil versus Soaking the Noodles

I’m having you boil the noodles here to get them simply the correct amount of tender. It’s what I did to get supper on the table rapidly the other night, and works excellent. The typical option is to soak them, however there is such a large range of noodles out there, and I’m sure you’ll all utilize rather a variety of them, so I believe boiling them is the most safe bet for consistency throughout the board. Depending on the noodles, often the soak method does not work, and you wind up boiling them anyhow.

Recipe Journal Entry of a Stir Fry with Handwriting and Photo

Here’s the picture I published taped in my dish journal along with keeps in mind about how to make it after supper the other night. I do this when I desire to keep in mind something I liked so I can make it once again eventually. You can see the size of the noodles I utilized (left-hand page), and I likewise like to leave “next time” notes to myself (down in the corner) – methods to fine-tune, tastes or components to include or check out, and so on Enjoy!

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