All Saints is recognized as one of the most successful young brands

All saints is recognized as one of the most successful young brands in the British fashion circle. Many people don’t know much about all saints clothing brand. This article will give you a detailed introduction to all saints brand.

AllSaints has become one of the most attractive independent brands in the UK. Its footprint covers not only major cities in the UK, but also other cities in Europe. In addition to the first specialized stores opened in Paris and Antwerp, it has 50 independent stores and 53 franchise stores worldwide by the end of 2008. In the UK, ALL SAINTS is a local brand less than 20 years old, but it is recognized as one of the most successful young brands in the fashion circle. It is hard to imagine that a company that started with OEM will grow into today’s ALLSAINTS after several times of integration and development. By the end of 2012, allsaints has 121 independent stores and 208 franchise stores in the world, and is growing. Today’s allsaints development scope has not only stopped in Europe, but also in East Asia, except for the direct stores in Tokyo, the fashion capital of Asia, and the synchronous sales in the UK, There are also cooperative stores in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka and Taipei, which will provide a small number of series and style sales at the counter. In addition, Allsaints also enjoys a very good reputation in accessories such as wallets, handbags and shoes, with fine workmanship as its major feature.

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How to purchase and pay at AllSaints

For friends who are shopping at AllSaints for the first time, they must not be so clear about the ordering process, so let’s introduce the purchasing process at AllSaints!

  1. The registration process is very simple. Go to the AllSaints homepage, click the registration page, and enter your email, name, and password as required. If you have Amazon Prime members, you can log in directly, and the postage will be cheaper. If there is no account, click “CREATE ACCOUNT” or “CHECKOUT AS GUEST”.
  2. After the registration is successful, you can log in to the website with your own account and add the items you want to buy to the shopping cart. After selecting all the items, click the small icon of the shopping bag, and the following page will appear: first select the delivery method you want, and then if you have a discount code, you can enter it in the following box. After entering it, don’t forget to click “Apply” next to it! After all are confirmed, you can click Process to Checkout to prepare the bill.
  3. Next comes the step of filling in the address and payment method, which is divided into three steps: Delivery, Review and Payment. Don’t listen to the three steps, which are very troublesome. In fact, the operation is very, very simple. Let me explain it in detail

Step 1: Delivery


First select your Title (Miss, Mr, Ms, Dr, etc.), then confirm the name of the consignee, enter the contact number, and then enter the address. If you mail in the UK, you can directly enter the postcode in the red box in the figure above, and your address should appear. In rare cases, if the address does not appear automatically when you enter the postcode in the UK, you will have to click the blue line to enter the address manually. After confirming all the information, you can click “Confirm Address” on the right!

Delivery method

After the address is confirmed, the delivery method is confirmed. The price and time of each delivery method will be clearly written on it. You can directly choose which one is more suitable, and then click “Review” directly.

Step 2: Review

In fact, there is no substantive operation in this step of Review. We just need to check your name, email, contact number, and address of delivery and bill again. If there is any error, you can click “Edit” to modify it.

Step 3: Payment

After checking all, we can finally pay! If you pay by debit card, credit card, or other card, click “Pay With Card”; If you pay with PayPal, click the white “Pay With Paypal” on it.

You can fill in the account information according to the payment method you choose. Generally, the required information is the card number (the longest number on the front of the card body), the name of the card holder, the validity of the card, and the security code on the back of the card body (generally three digits).

  1. Finally, after the order payment is successful, AllSaints will send an Order Confirmation email to your registered mailbox, and the Dispatch of subsequent products can log in to your account to view the shipment status. All the steps of placing an order on the AllSaints official website are complete! Wait to receive the goods!

Buy Tips

Description of freight in the UK

If you buy more than 150 pounds on AllSaints, you can free mail all over the UK. The standard delivery method is used for mail delivery, which generally takes 2-3 working days to arrive.

If it does not exceed 150 pounds, the postage for Standard Delivery is 3.95 pounds. If you can’t wait to receive the package the next day, you can also choose DPD UK Next Business Day, the postage is 9.95 pounds. However, if you want to receive the package the next day, please note that this option should be used from Monday to Thursday, or you will receive the package next Monday. And if you want to receive the goods the next day, you must place the order before 17:00 the day before.

The AllSaints family also has a very considerate delivery option. If there is no one at home on weekdays, you can choose UK Saturday Delivery or UK Sunday Delivery with a postage of 9.95 pounds. As the name implies, you can also receive packages on Saturday! However, this mailing clearly requires that you place your order before 18pm on Friday, otherwise it will be postponed to the next Saturday.

Description of international delivery freight

Buy more than 300 pounds on AllSaints and you can enjoy global free mail (including China)! The mailing time is from Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and public holidays. It generally takes 5-7 working days to arrive.

How to track orders and return and exchange goods

Because of the convenience of online shopping, while we are happy and satisfied after each order, we will worry about “whether the package will be lost”, “how can I track where my package is now”, or “how can I return the shoes if they don’t fit”, etc., so after-sales service is definitely a problem that cannot be ignored. AllSaints will send an email to confirm that the goods have been delivered after the goods are delivered; Or you can log in to your account on the AllSaints official website to query the shipment status. On the “My Account Summary” page, you will see a link called “My Orders”. After clicking, you can see your order status. If you haven’t received the package all the time, you can call the customer service at+44 344 980 2211 or log in to your account, fill in the “contact form” with your problem, and then submit it to the customer service for reply!

As for the return and exchange of goods, AllSaints’ return and exchange policy is that you can return and exchange goods free of charge within 14 days after receiving the goods through online shopping. Within 28 days after receiving the goods, you can choose to take them directly to the store for return or exchange. Remember to bring the Dispatch Note, the completed Return Note and the card you used when placing the order. Another way to return for free is to tear the Return Label off and paste it on the outside of your package and mail it at the nearest post office. After returning, remember to keep the mail certificate of the post office before receiving the returned money. After the return is successful, the amount of your corresponding goods will be returned, and the payment will be returned to your card or account through your original payment method. Note: The postage will not be refunded.

What brand is All saints?

All Saints is a well-known British clothing brand, founded in 1994. With its excellent retro effect and uninhibited brand style, it has quickly become a new trendy brand in the British market and has been pursued by many young people.

Although the brand of All Saints has not been established for a long time in the UK, it is one of the most successful young brands recognized by the fashion circle. It is hard to imagine that a company that mainly started with OEM will grow into today’s All Saints after several integration and development. The brand only started with men’s clothing. After several years of development, it has successively launched women’s clothing series, accessories, bags, etc., and the overall product style is more free and flexible.

What grade brand is All saints?

All Saints is positioned as a high-end brand in the UK. Many stars also wear their clothes, especially the motorcycle jacket of All Saints. The handsome silhouette and fine worn-out effect are amazing. The female stars Kristen Stewart and Halle Berry are all loyal fans of All Saints, and the items launched by All Saints each season are adaptations of several classic models, Such as irregular long shirts, dissolute wrinkles, simple narrow leg pants, scarred black leather and interspersed decorations and prints, which seem casual but have style, are called the affordable version of Vivienne Westwood by many avantgarde fashion lovers.

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