Hi all, I hope everybody is hanging in there throughout all of this unpredictability. I’ve been attempting to remain off my phone and focus rather on doing things that are favorable and efficient near to house. There’s a lot of cooking and baking going on and I wished to share this gem of a dish. It’s an amazing green rice from Bryant Terry’s brand-new book, VegetableKingdom If you’ve got some greens on hand, and some rice, you must, must, should make it. It actually is so excellent. A mixer of green juice made from kale, spinach, and a velvety stock is prepared with onions, garlic, green pepper, and long-grain rice. It all cooks together into an extremely green and aromatic pot of fluffy grains.

Bryant Terry's Amazing Green Rice

Give it a Try, Really!

Let me simply likewise state, I understand a few of you are shy about cooking rice. Even if you believe you’re no excellent at preparing it, press those ideas aside and provide this dish a shot. It’s worth a go. Because even if you do not nail your rice completely, close enough suffices here, and you can make change based upon your experience the next time around! Also, think about doubling the dish while you’re at it, its an excellent method to up your greens intake. I’m going to note the methods I’ve been utilizing this green rice for leftovers listed below.
Bryant Terry's Amazing Green Rice

GreenRice Leftover Ideas

There are numerous(!) things you can do with remaining green rice. Here are a couple of to think about.

Fried rice: Cook day-old rice in a frying pan with additional garlic, a little sliced up omelette, a little tofu, possibly include a handful of broccoli?

Onigiri: Shape the green rice into chubby triangles and pan-fry up until crusted and golden. You can even tuck a little tofu or a couple of edamame into the center for included surprise.

GreenBurrito with Guacamole: Do a variation of this quinoa burrito, however utilize this green rice in location of the quinoa.

GreenRice Soup: Make a green variation of this rice soup (I in fact made this for supper last night) – generally thin the rice out to preferred consistency with stock or water, season, and go from there with garnishes, and so on

GreenRice Cakes: Whisk an egg or 2 into the rice (1 for each cup of rice), shape into patties and pan-fry into rice cakes.

WholeGrain Green Rice: Do a variation utilizing brown basmati or brown jasmine rice. Up the liquid, and cooking time a bit based upon the rice you’re utilizing, and bundle guidelines.
Bryant Terry author of Vegetable Kingdom


It’s everything about the crunch here. Toasted nuts, crispy shallots, toasted nori, citrus passion, sesame seeds, fallen apart kale chips.
Bryant Terry author of Vegetable Kingdom

More methods to discover Bryant! On Instagram, his website, on Twitter.

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