Can you use Bath and Body Works on your face?

Of course, face creams can be applied on your hands and legs. I would rather recommend you to use “Borolin” an ayurvedic cream instead. It can be used on the as well as your body. It moisturises the skin and leaves it soft and subtle.

Since it is an antiseptic cream, you can use it on cuts and burns as well. Another natural alternative is Aloevera gel taken directly from the plant. Aloevera is a natural moisturiser and can be used all over the body.

Even if you don’t have dry skin, you may use it for conditioning of the skin. You may apply this body lotion on face without any second thought.

Your body and face are entirely different. Your facial skin is more delicate than you think it is. Lotions and moisturisers made for the body have more chemicals. They are a lot more thicker and have fragrances that can cause allergies and leave your skin with acne and clogged pores later.

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