I purchased a three-foot stretch of Brussels sprouts the other early morning at the farmers’ market. For those of you who’ve never ever experienced the phenomenon of Brussels sprouts still on the stalk, it is something to witness. A thick, stick-straight center stalk is stressed by tight, green Brussels grow pom-poms. It looks remarkably ancient. And while it does not fit extremely well in my market basket, as soon as I get it home the sprouts will keep well by doing this – apparently longer than off the stalk.
Brussels Sprouts on Stalk

I purchase sprouts on the stalk whenever I can, and usually get 3 or 4 sprout-centric meals out of each, breaking off the buds as required. In this case I integrated shredded Brussels grow ribbons, apples, garlic, pine nuts, (and tofu if you like) in a frying pan with a tip of maple syrup.
Caramelized Brussels Sprouts and Apples with Tofu
I understand not all are Brussels grow fans, however based upon a few of the e-mails you’ve passed along to me, this golden-crusted Brussels grow dish appears to be a popular entrance dish for individuals who idea they didn’t like Brussels sprouts, however actually do. You might begin there, and then make the dive to this dish if you’re at all anxious. Or, I highlight a couple of other concepts down listed below …

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