The Artania has actually been directed by the AustralianBorder Force (ABF) to leave Fremantle at the strong advising of the WA Premier, however its team has …

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Title: Coronaviruscruise ship Artania refuses to leave WA amid fears of more COVID-19cases on board
SourcedFrom: coronavirus-cruise-ship- artania-refusing-to-leave- fremantle-port/12110206 & ct= ga & cd= CAIyHjA1NWI5ZjRmYzRlNWMyYWI6Y28 udWs6ZW46 QVU6Ug & usg= AFQjCNH3MmKojNKMwzew8wXqEdfuWC9jGw
PublishedDate: Wed, 01 Apr 2020 03: 04: 19 +0000

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