I believed I ‘d share my all-time preferred brussels sprouts dish with you. It’s a somewhat extended variation of the one I consisted of in Super Natural Cooking, however to be truthful, calling it a dish is a little bit of a stretch. It includes a frying pan, less than five components, about 10 minutes of your time, and very little cooking abilities. Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts Recipe: Five Ways

What makes this brussels grow dish unique? It’s so basic. And you wind up with dynamic green, tender brussels sprouts that end up being deeply golden and crusty where they touch the pan. I then gently dust them with cheese and serve. This season it’s not uncommon for us to prepare them like this 2 or 3 times a week. Even if you’re a grow skeptic, this golden-crusted variation has the capability to turn the most alert brussels grow loathers around.

Golden Crusted Brussels Sprouts: Five Ways

WhatTo Look For

A couple shopping suggestions prior to you begin, search for brussels sprouts that are on the little size and firmly closed. The small ones prepare through rapidly. Larger ones tend to brown on the outdoors long prior to the withins are done. When the weather condition is moderate, I complete them with a lighter, salted cheese, likeParmesan If it’s rainy and cold, I select a much heavier, more melty cheese, like a routine or smoked Gouda (or gruyere). Or(!), I’ll avoid the cheese entirely, and include an easy ending up shower of sliced nuts.

brussels sprouts recipe

CookingBrussels Sprouts:

My primary fast pro-tip? Try not to overcook the sprouts, and consume them as quickly as they come off the range if at all possible. They’re so terrific by doing this!


Many of you have actually made these for many years, and discussed variations in the remarks. I wished to highlight a couple of!

Gina kept in mind, “I made a riff on these tonight that you might enjoy too. I used butter in the pan instead of olive oil, and added about a teaspoon of horseradish at the end and tossed the sprouts in it with the heat off before I sprinkled with parm. I had a similar dish at Coppa in Boston once and have not stopped thinking about them.”

Rachel brought the turmeric angle, “added a little turmeric to my salt and pepper, which brought in a nice flavor as well as a subtle golden glow.”

AndJessa brings the citrus, “the only way I can eat them is roasted with toasted walnuts, and hit with some lemon juice, parmesan, and walnut oil right at the end. I also like zesting orange peel on them.”

And the last 2 concepts?! Add 2 carefully sliced cloves of garlic in the eleventh hour of cooking, for any garlic enthusiasts out there. Or, toss 2 tablespoons of your preferred pesto into to the frying pan simply as you complete preparing the brussels sprouts.

I likewise enjoy brussels sprouts in this caramelized tofu. This Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Apple dish is likewise A+.

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