This is the time of year I discover myself drying herbs. In part, it’s since I tend to stumble upon unique, uncommon varietals in the spring and late into summer season – caraway thyme, pineapple sage, fresh coriander. Some will stand for a week or more, then aren’t seen once again for another year. Other times, it is the herb flowers that get me – I like to utilize them throughout the year, and the one method to ensure a supply is to dry them. It could not be easier, so I believed I ‘d share my approach for those of you who might have missed it the last time I discussed it.

How to dry herbs

GroupHerbs into Small Bunches

I tend to group any herbs I’m going to dry into little lots. Leaves are removed from the bottom couple of inches of each stem, and a little bit of twine protects each package. A push pin or strip of washi tape is normally sufficient to protect the herbs anywhere high and dry – walls, bookcases, fireplace mantles, cabinet knobs, and so forth are all level playing field around here.

How to dry herbs
A Pro- pointer

Leave a couple of inches of additional string when you connect the herbs to dry them. The stems will end up being dehydrated, and lose a little bit of volume. The additional string will permit you to re-tie the herbs more snuggly if required without beginning over. Kelly left a remark listed below that captured my attention, “I use rubber bands (recycled from foods like asparagus or carrots that come banded together) instead of twine. That was the rubber band contracts as the herbs dry and i don’t have to adjust the twine or clean herbs off the floor!” I have not checked it yet, however it seems like a winner.

How to dry herbs

How to dry herbs
To dry chive flowers, you’ll desire to cut them from their stems and put on a flat surface area for a week or two. Toss every number of days so that all sides are exposed to air.How to dry herbs

Howto Store Dried Herbs

Be sure your herbs are totally dried prior to moving them to a sealed container. Any wetness can lead to mold. Store in a cool dark location. Also, after a couple of days of drying, your herb packages will contract a bit from dehydration. Per the pointer above, you might require to tighten up the twine a bit.

Let me understand if you have preferred herbs I need to attempt to look for. I enjoy the unique, a little unforeseen thymes, sages, and lavenders. I’m sure there there are others I need to learn about too!

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