I’ve been seeming like my breakfasts required a shock of motivation, and this mango breakfast chia pudding is an action in the ideal instructions. It’s velvety from nut milk, naturally sweetened with pure mango puree, and you can top it with as numerous nuts, seeds, and powders as you like.

Mango Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipe

I asked a lot of you about your breakfast regimens (here on Instagram), and was floored by the almost 600 actions! If chia pudding isn’t your jam, absolutely take a look at the breakfast remarks connected to that image – SO numerous excellent alternate concepts.

Mango Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipe

ChiaPudding for Breakfast! Start the Day Strong.

Today’s dish, it’s very simple. First of all, I enjoy chia for breakfast. Chia seeds are protein and fiber- abundant, and are the wealthiest plant- based source of omega- 3 fats. You can find out more about why chia is frequently considered a superfood here. In practice, they keep me complete, are an excellent lorry for tastes I enjoy, and are incredibly flexible.

Mango Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipe

Make it Your Way

This chia pudding is very healthy. It is vegan, dairy- complimentary, gluten complimentary, and naturally sweetened. As I discuss above, you can improve it with as couple of, or as numerous garnishes as you like. If you take a look at the image listed below, you’ll see toasted almonds, shichimi togarashi spice (or utilize a pinch of cayenne), bee pollen, frozen mango pureed with a hand mixer, banana chips, quinoa crispies or crisped wild rice.

Mango Breakfast Chia Pudding Recipe

Also, chia seeds are simply cool in basic. It’s since of the method chia seeds broaden and gel up that the entire idea of chia pudding works. In addition, you can grow chia seeds, utilize them to thicken dressings, or as a base for chia puddings like this one. They’re excellent!

Add some crunch!

Lastly, the crunch aspect, let’s discuss it! It’s crucial. I like crispy garnishes on chia puddings, and the more the much better. It contrasts with the the method chia gels. Banana chips are excellent, quinoa crispies are another preferred, and you can’t fail with toasted nuts and seeds. Enjoy!

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