So far 24 patients have actually passed away from COVID19in Australia – 11 inNSW The youngest reported death was a 68- year-old male from Queensland who …

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Title: One in three seriously ill COVID19patients under 60: NSW Health
SourcedFrom: covid-19-patients-under-60- nsw-health-20200402- p54 gg7.html & ct= ga & cd= CAIyHmY2MWY4NzViOGRlMzliNzQ6Y28 udWs6ZW46 QVU6Ug & usg= AFQjCNHOcHfTmr-ZNTd653 RbONM-gB8Z7g
PublishedDate: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 04: 39: 29 +0000

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