Close-up of a sunny-side egg on top of yogurt and topped with a fiery red butter sauce and diced avocado tossed in herbs.

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More typically than not, I consider how fortunate we are to understand and have the impact of international cooking. There are limitless taste possibilities, concepts, and enjoyable to be had. I beginning with this due to the fact that these Turkish Eggs are not conventional (however calling this meal eggs and yogurt felt incorrect considering that it’s such a renowned meal).

For my riff, I’m utilizing fried eggs rather of poached (although this is basic in other areas). I’ve included avocado (due to the fact that it’s presently in season in California), and I’ve made the butter topping with harissa rather of the typically utilized Aleppo pepper.


Over the years, I’ve attempted my reasonable share of store-bought harissa paste and dishes. I have 2 on the website (one utilizing canned kitchen components and one utilizing dried peppers). Both of my dishes are lower on the heat level. However, a lot of the pastes offered in supermarket are hot. Very hot.

My recommendation is constantly to learn more about the active ingredient. This method, you do not run the risk of entirely messing up a meal due to the fact that it’s too hot.

Side-angle photograph of a greyish bowl that has yogurt topped with a sunny-side up egg, avocado relish, and a fiery red infused butter.

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As I pointed out previously, the avocado is not part of the timeless Turkish egg dish. However, I discover the butteriness from the avocado works well with the appetizing yogurt and spicy butter. It’s almost all of my preferred things. If you do not have avocado, do not stress. It’s good to have, however not an essential.


If you search in my fridge at any provided time, I will constantly have parsley. Fresh herbs include a lot to meals, and I never ever like to be without. Other herbs that would be charming in this meal consist of dill, cilantro, and/ or chives. Feel totally free to mess around.


I did not utilize Greek yogurt the last time I made this dish however rather, utilized a cream-on-top yogurt. I tend to choose this kind of yogurt as I discover the taste to be a bit less tart and the texture a bit smoother. I ‘d state, utilize what you have on hand as long as it’s plain. If your yogurt is thinner, attempt straining it prior to utilizing it.


TurkishEggs with Harissa Butter and Avocado Relish




1/2 cup entire milk Greek yogurt (or cream leading yogurt)

1 garlic clove

1/4 teaspoon sea salt


1 avocado

1/2 cup loaded parsley

Juice from half a lemon

1/2 teaspoon toasted sesame seeds (black and white)

Salt, to taste


4 teaspoon s ghee

2 Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs


2 tablespoon s butter

1 to 3 teaspoons harissa paste (see note)


  • Combine the yogurt, garlic, and salt in a bowl. Let sit while making the remainder of the meal.
  • Next, cut the avocado in half and get rid of the pit. Cut into the avocado lengthwise, then crosswise, bewaring not to cut into the avocado skin. Use a spoon and dig the avocado pieces. Place in a bowl.
  • Mince the parsley and contribute to the avocado along with the lemon juice, sesame seeds, and salt.
  • Heat a frying pan over medium heat. Add half of the ghee and when melted, include the egg. Fry the egg, spooning a few of the ghee over the egg whites to assist set. Once the whites are set and beginning to crisp around the edges, get rid of the egg and repeat the procedure with the staying egg.
  • Finally, eliminate the egg frying pan and go back to low heat. Add the butter, melt, and stir in the harissa paste. Start with a percentage of the paste, including more as you prefer.
  • Assemble the eggs. Divide the yogurt into 2 meals, smoothing over the bottom. Top each with an egg, followed by a drizzle of harrissa butter, and surface with the avocado relish.



HarissaPaste: Taste your harissa paste prior to including it to the butter. If it’s hot, begin little and include more as wanted.

RoomTemp Yogurt: This meal is typically served with room-temperature yogurt (that makes sense- cold yogurt/hot egg isn’t the most enticing mouthful). I ‘d advise determining your yogurt out about an hour prior to you prepare to make the dish.

Close-up, side-angle photograph of a sunny-side up egg on top of yogurt in a grey-white bowl.

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