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Risotto is a go-to dish on this website and in my kitchen area. Something is soothing about a huge meal of velvety grains packed with veggies on top. This vegan variation utilizes a basic cashew cream for included taste in the risotto and an abundant squash topping, with assistance from the North African dressing, chermoula.


There’s absolutely nothing rather like Arborio rice for risotto. The velvety texture the starch from the rice offers is outstanding. Whole grains can’t rather compare, however I like to split the grain in the mixer to simulate a little the starch. During the winter season, I split the grains a little additional, making this risotto actually velvety. This begins to blur the line in between porridge and risotto, however I still call it risotto since of the cooking approach.

I have a rotation of a couple of grains I utilize for risotto, however barley is generally one I grab many. The grain is hearty however does not have a strong taste, making it best to absorb tastes from the risotto additions. Bob’s pearl barley is fantastic for risotto since the pearl produces a natural starch addition. Of course, I like to assist it along by breaking it.


There is a myriad of squash choices for the topping on this barley risotto. I utilized red kabocha squash, however you might quickly utilize butternut, Delicata, or a non-squash alternative, sweet potatoes. I ‘d avoid utilizing acorn squash orDelicata The acorn squash does not hold texture too.

Red chermoula

If you’re unknown with chermoula, it’s an herb-based dressing from North African nations typically utilized with fish. The variation I’m utilizing for this dish, a red variation, is kicked up a notch with ground chiles’ assistance. As discussed in the dish notes, I utilize the dish from Eden Grinshpan’s cookbook,Eating Out Loud


VeganBarley Risotto with Braised Squash and Chermoula

  • Author: ErinAlderson
  • Prep Time: 30
  • Cook Time: 55
  • Total Time: 1 hour 25 minutes
  • Yield: 2 big portions 1 x




3/4 cupBob’s Red Mill Barley

4 5 cups veggie broth

1/2 medium yellow onion

2 tablespoon s olive oil

1/4 teaspoon sea salt


1/3 cup cashew cream (see note)

1 teaspoon nut yeast

1 little garlic clove

1 teaspoon miso

1/2 teaspoon light vinegar


3/4 pound butternut or kabocha squash (peeled and cubbed)

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/4 cup red chermoula (see note)

Fresh parsley leaves, for serving


  • Prep the products you will require for the base of the risotto. Blitz the barley in a mixer for a number of seconds, simply to breakdown a few of the grains. Heat the veggie broth in a pot and let sit. Finally, mince the onion.
  • Heat a big frying pan or braised over medium heat. Add the olive oil to the heated pan and follow with the minced onion and salt. Cook up until the onions hurt; about 10 minutes. Add in the barley, stirring to coat, then include a couple of ladles of the hot broth.
  • Reduce the heat to medium-low. Cook the barley, periodically stirring, up until the majority of the liquid has actually been taken in. Add a couple of more ladles of the broth and continue in this pattern up until the risotto is prepared, 45 minutes approximately.
  • While the risotto cooks, prep the cashew cream and squash. Combine the cashew cream with the dietary yeast, minced garlic, miso, and vinegar; reserved.
  • For the squash, heat a frying pan with a cover over medium-hit heat. Add the olive oil followed by the squash. Keep the heat on high and prepare the squash, stirring just a number of times, up until the squash has a great color on a few of the pieces. Once that occurs, shut off the heat, include the chermoula, stir, and cover. Let rest while the risotto continues to prepare. The squash will continue to prepare and soften.
  • Once the barley hurts and most liquid has actually been taken in, stir in the cashew cream. Taste and change the salt level as required. Top with the squash and fresh parsley.



Chermoula: I like the red chermoula dish from Eden Grinhpan’s cookbook,Eating Out Loud You can discover a variation of her dish here(however it’s missing out on maintained lemon, which the book’s dish requires one entire maintained lemon rinsed. You can likewise utilize lemon juice/zest).

CashewCream Base: I keep the base simple: soak 1/4 cup cashews in hot water for about an hour. Drain and location in a mixer along with 1/4 cup of fresh warm water (or hot broth). Puree up until smooth and utilize as directed.

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