I invested a great piece of time today cooking lovely Indian food from the dishes inDishoom With the air-quality in Los Angeles getting significantly bad, remaining inside to prepare through a variety of extensive dishes assisted me take my mind off the significantly heart-breaking circumstance here in California and WestCoast In addition to the bhel puri, numerous chutneys, mattar paneer, black daal, aloo sabzi, and a technicolor-flavored garam masala, I put a splendidly sweet watermelon to utilize. It was a present from a next-door neighbor we’re fortunate to have. I utilized little portions of it in location of pomegranate seeds in the bhel puri, and after that worked up this chia-centric Watermelon Raspberry Breakfast Bowl in the mixer.
Watermelon Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

You can see it envisioned here topped with additional watermelon balls, toasted almonds, crushed freeze-dried raspberries, and a scattering of chia seeds. I can envision a kid-friendly variation where you serve it in a high glass, and sink a lot of entire watermelon balls into it. The entire dish actually handles the taste of the watermelon, cancelled by the tartness of the raspberries. The secret here is getting your hands on a super-sweet, excellent watermelon.
Watermelon Balls in Weck Jar
I formed the watermelon into balls with a melon baller tool most likely as old as I am. I’ll permanently enjoy consuming melons in this shape, however if you do not wish to go to the effort, seedless portions, approximately bite-sized are what you’re going for. They enter the mixer, however likewise make a simple topping if you wish to double down on the watermelon front.
Watermelon Raspberry Breakfast Bowl Ingredients in a Blender
I like making a huge container of this sort of breakfast utilizing whatever is seasonal due to the fact that they keep perfectly for as much as 4-5 days. I imply, the container is usually empty by day 2 or 3, however it’s a great make-ahead breakfast. It’s likewise a great way to start your early morning with some fruit, fiber, and nuts.
Watermelon Raspberry Breakfast Bowl
One last idea, and this is an individual choice. I discover that with breakfast bowls of this sort, I actually take pleasure in having great deals of crispy elements on top. Here, you can see toasted almonds filling that roll, however I tend to change it up daily. If I have a great homemade cereal mix on hand (like this Breakfast Magic, or this Triple Oat Breakfast Cereal) I utilize that. Basically anything dry with a good-amount of crunch is level playing field and motivated.
Watermelon Raspberry Breakfast Bowl

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