What are the beauty tea for women

In daily life, there are some beauty tea made of flowers that can help women beautify and maintain their skin, especially suitable for drinking in autumn. So what are the beauty tea for women? Drink more beauty tea at ordinary times to stay young! Now let’s take a look at some beauty tea and its preparation methods.

What kinds of beauty tea do you have and how to make it

  1. Jasmine tea

The fragrance is clear and graceful, as if without the fragrance of jasmine, full of romance. Jasmine tea not only has the effect of beauty and radiation protection, but also has the effect of refreshing smell, which can promote the growth of yang qi and keep you fresh.

How to make it: fill a ceramic cup with a lid with boiling water, add 3 grams of jasmine, cover the cup tightly, and wait for three or four minutes to drink.

  1. Chrysanthemum ginseng tea

Chrysanthemum is one of the most suitable flower tea in autumn. For office girls, drinking more chrysanthemum tea can clear their eyes, reduce fire and resist radiation. Sufficient saponins and vitamins in ginseng can enhance immunity, protect nervous system, and eliminate fatigue at the same time?

How to make it: cut the ginseng into sections, pour the dried chrysanthemum bud into the glass, cover it, and let it open for ten minutes.

  1. Rose mint tea

Roses have the functions of beauty, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, while mint has the functions of relieving fatigue, awakening and clearing breath. Roses can also reduce the astringent taste of mint. It tastes very good when matched.

How to make it: Take 3 roses, pour some mint into the cup, rinse with warm water, and open the lid for 15 minutes to drink.

  1. Lavender lemon tea

The fragrance of lavender is the favorite of many little sisters. It not only has the effect of beauty, reducing stress, and relieving fatigue. With the light aroma of lemon, it can relieve a headache. It is the best drink for little sisters of office workers.

How to make it: Add lavender and lemon to the boiling water. After melting, add a little rock sugar properly. When it is cold, it can be drunk.

What kinds of beauty scented tea are suitable for women in autumn

  1. Rose tea

Rose tea has always been favored by girls in recent years. It is not only fragrant, but also has health care effects for girls. Rose tea, a kind of flower tea for beauty, can not only nourish the skin, but also relieve depression, promote blood circulation and relieve menstrual disorders.

In autumn, when the temperature drops and the weather is dry, girls can drink more rose tea to nourish and eliminate dryness, replenish qi, nourish blood and warm stomach, which is very good for girls’ health.

  1. Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea has a good eye protection effect. It can also nourish and reduce fire in dry autumn. It is especially suitable for white-collar workers who often work in front of computers. Looking at the computer screen for a long time will easily lead to dizziness, dry eyes and astringency. For this kind of people, it is recommended that everyone often drink chrysanthemum tea.

Although chrysanthemum tea has a certain health care effect, you should not be greedy. Try not to drink it for 5 consecutive days. It is better to drink five flowers each time. Usually, it is OK to brew five to seven times.

  1. Jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is a kind of tea with aromatic smell. Usually, this type of scented tea has the function of invigorating the spleen and stomach, helping digestion and improving appetite. If dry throat and mouth, poor appetite or abdominal distension accompanied by constipation occur, you can drink more jasmine tea, which not only can stimulate saliva and quench thirst, but also has a good health function.

We must be careful, because jasmine is usually drunk with green tea, but green tea is slightly cold, so people with asthenic cold constitution cannot drink too much.

  1. Osmanthus tea

Osmanthus tea is a kind of precious flower tea scented by special green tea and fresh osmanthus. It has a long and fragrant fragrance, and is green and bright, which is favored by people. It has the function of ventilation and stomach after drinking, and is very suitable for people with poor stomach function. Sweet scented osmanthus tea can whiten the skin, eliminate the stool in the body and avoid the peculiar smell in the mouth. More about: 5 Kinds of Beauty Tea Can Help You Remove Dark Yellow and Brighten Skin Tone

Beauty Tea Beauty Precautions

Like other foods, beauty scented tea is cold, warm and neutral, so not every kind of beauty scented tea is in line with your constitution.

When selecting, you need to first distinguish your physical fitness and current physical condition, and then consider whether the nature of this beauty scented tea matches with you. For example, chrysanthemum tea is cold and rose tea is warm, so you need to be careful when selecting it, otherwise it is easy to be self defeating.

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